Differently Abled, Not Disabled: Supporting Autism Awareness

It can be both stressful and sad for a parent to learn that their child has been diagnosed with a developmental handicap. Families must learn to cope with the added problems and obligations that come with having a loved one on the autism spectrum during this time. Families caring for special needs children may face financial difficulties in addition to the emotional toll. Jeff Kincaid Insurance Group strives to relieve families of any additional expenses during this trying time. We wish to focus our efforts on raising awareness and advocating for our community’s most vulnerable individuals. As a result, as part of our next Community Cause, our organization will support local groups that assist people with Autism.

We think that everyone deserves a fair chance to grow and achieve their full potential, as well as a life free of prejudice and discrimination. Several myths about intellectual disability have shaped people’s perceptions of what it’s like to be on the spectrum.

It’s time to return the favor. We’ll donate $10 to local autism awareness organizations on your behalf if you refer a friend, family member, or coworker to us! All that is required is a request for a no-obligation estimate. Our Community Cause Campaign earnings will be used to aid and improve our community.