Community Causes



Help Animals in Crisis
August 1, 2022

On a mission to end animal cruelty, the Humane Society works tirelessly to protect animal rights. Animals deserve to be loved and cared for; therefore, it is important to support organizations that work toward making this world a safer place for them. This non-profit organization strongly believes in ending cruel practices toward all animals and […]

Keep strong, Stop the Wrong: Supporting Victims of Domestic Violence
April 25, 2022

Did you know that on average, nearly 20 people per minute are physically abused by an intimate partner in the United States? During one year, this equates to more than 10 million people. At our agency, we believe that nobody deserves to be living under such tumultuous circumstances that can cause not only a lot […]

Differently Abled, Not Disabled: Supporting Autism Awareness
March 18, 2022

It can be both stressful and sad for a parent to learn that their child has been diagnosed with a developmental handicap. Families must learn to cope with the added problems and obligations that come with having a loved one on the autism spectrum during this time. Families caring for special needs children may face […]

Here to Help: Supporting Individuals Affected by Tragedy
December 27, 2021

In a world filled with unpredictability and uncertainty, optimism and resilience thrive. Here at Jeff Kincaid Insurance, we want to ensure that individuals facing hardships don’t do it alone. Even in times of crisis, we want to show our community that we can overcome anything if we work together. Our shared vision of providing hope […]

Handing Out Hope in Our Neighborhoods
November 26, 2021

What is the first thing that springs to mind when you think of the holiday season? Gathering around a warm home-cooked supper with family is one of the season’s top delights for many. In NC, one in every eight people struggles to put food on the table every night, let alone on holidays. We may […]

Avoid the Worst, Put Safety First!: Home For The Holidays
August 23, 2021

In communities across North Carolina, hundreds if not thousands of children die every year from preventable tragedies. This time of year, children are at home off from school more often because of the holidays — thanksgiving, Christmas, and new Year each giving students much-needed resting time. Still, this time comes with more time on the […]

Stay Alert – Don’t Get Hurt!
May 24, 2021

Here at Jeff Kincaid Insurance Group, we are committed to protecting and serving all members of our community. Our priority is to provide our neighbors with the proper resources to help protect what matters to them most. After a long year and some months, adults and children alike are itching for some much-needed mental relief, […]

You Are Not Alone
February 15, 2021

“NC sees disturbing trend in mental health issues, drug use during COVID-19 pandemic.” “North Carolina teens are at increased risk of suicide and depression, new survey suggests.” “‘Locked in this house’: Family speaks out after teen dies by suicide amid struggle to cope with pandemic.” The headlines continue to highlight the unforeseen and heartbreaking casualties […]

Each Mind Matters
November 24, 2020

No one could have imagined 2020 would have turned out the way that it did. It seems that one disheartening news headline follows another one in a constant cycle of tragedy and misfortune.  Our hearts go out to those affected by this pandemic. Jeff Kincaid Insurance Group is especially touched by those headlines involving children, […]

Save The Kids: Children Affected by Isolation
August 27, 2020

These unprecedented times have altered the way we go about our lives entirely.  We’re all moving forward as best we can, but what about those that cannot speak up for what they need and defend themselves?  Children are particularly vulnerable during this time and as we continue to face these obstacles and they cannot be […]