By Team Member | August 14, 2020

Important Customer Update

Hey, this is Jeff with Jeff Kincaid Insurance Group. We have exciting news to tell you about today. As most of you all know, I’ve been an exclusive Nationwide insurance agent for 30 years, but now Nationwide has offered us the opportunity to be more of an independent insurance agent and offer you different carriers.
On the commercial side, about five years ago, they unveiled this and we were able to offer you more options on the commercial side. And now as of July 1 of 2020, we’re able to offer you more options, more carriers over on the personal line side, like for your auto, your home, your renter’s insurance, your boat insurance, your motor home insurance. Now we can offer you companies like Nationwide, Auto Owners, Camper, Safe Code, Travers, Liberty Mutual, Builders Mutual, Hartford, Universal, National General.
There’s so many companies, I can’t name them all. The benefit to you is that when you come in for a new policy or you need to renew your existing policy, we can shop your coverages for premium and coverage. We like to look at it at the Jeff Kincaid insurance group as your choice, your coverage. We really appreciate your business and look forward to working with you in the future.

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