By Team Member | May 19, 2020

Re-Opening During Covid 19

Hey everybody, this is Jeff at Jeff Kincaid Insurance Group. we’re going through very strange times right now, as you know, but as everybody keeps saying, we will all get through this together. I just wanted to let you know how we’re operating now and that we are always here to serve you. When all this first started, we were operating with the door closed, and it seemed like we could do pretty much anything for you then that we were doing before all this started. And then, for everyone’s safety, everyone decided that it was best that we go home and operate from home. And when you called you would give somebody that they would answer on their cell phone. They had their printers and scanners there, they could do anything that they needed to do to help you. Why, as of may the 11th, we have come back to the office, but we have limited staff, that way we didn’t have to clutter everybody up.

And when you call now, somebody may answer from their home, they may answer from here, but you will never know the difference, but we are here to help you. If you need to come by and make a payment, we have envelopes on the door. There’s instructions of what to do. Put the envelope to through door, we will post your payment. And if you need us, you can call us out in the parking lot on your cell phone. We’ll come outside and we’ll distance ourselves for your protection and ours, we can talk to you through the door. There’s lots of different ways you can make your payments. You can call in, we can do it from a debit card, a credit card, one time draft out of your checking account, you can call our 800 number, you can do your payment online. We can set up reoccurring debit card, credit cards and automatic drafts so that you don’t have to worry about the payments.

We just want to let you know that we appreciate your business, we’re here to serve you, and someday when all this gets back to normal, hopefully we’ll go back to our normal methods of operation. But until then we want you to stay safe and we will stay in touch.

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