By Jeff Kincaid | October 2, 2019

When Do I Need Homeowners Insurance?

Kim: Hey, I’m Kim with Jeff Kincaid Insurance Group. Today I will be answering a quick question about homeowners insurance that some of you may have. Do I need homeowners insurance, and is it required? First of all, if you have a mortgage or a lien against your home, then yes, it is a requirement by the bank or the lender for the entire duration of the loan. Not only does it protect you, but it protects the bank as well. If your home is paid for, no one requires it, but why would you not? Your home, whether it be a house, modular, single-wide, whatever, is your biggest asset that you have worked your entire life for and has everything in it. Why would you not protect it? But what if I rent it, and don’t own a home? We actually have renter’s insurance that covers all of your personal belongings, like furniture, clothes, dishes, etc, and it’s very affordable, and we can offer monthly payments. So there is no excuse. Give us a call today for a quote. Thank you.