By Team Member | September 14, 2021

Join the Smart Ride Program and Save $$$ – Hickory NC

Hey, this is Jeff with Jeff Kincaid Insurance Group. How would you like to save 10% on your auto insurance? By signing up with Nationwide Insurance and using the SmartRide program, you can save up to 10% automatically just by signing up. You decide how much your rate is based off of your driving habits. Some of the items that Nationwide measures are total miles driven, acceleration and braking, and nighttime driving. Another feature that comes with the Nationwide SmartRide program is accident forgiveness. Nobody’s perfect. Would it be nice if you had a bump up and your rates didn’t increase drastically? Participating in SmartRide is simple. Just download the app to your phone, or in some cases, your vehicle may already be able to transfer the information to Nationwide. The average participant saves about 23%, but in some cases, you can save up to 40%. Start saving on your auto insurance today by contacting us at one of our five locations in Hickory, Morganton, Marion, Shelby, or Forest City, or visit us online at

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