By Jeff Kincaid | April 10, 2019

Why Life Insurance Is Important? Hickory NC

Hi, I’m Johnny Buchanan, life insurance agent with the Jeff Kincaid Insurance Group here in Hickory, North Carolina. A lot of folks ask “Why life insurance?” If you think about it, we insure everything that we own, our home, our vehicles, boat, even our jewelry. But what about our most valuable asset? What if something happened to your spouse? Would you be able to maintain that lifestyle, your current lifestyle? What about the mortgage? Did you send your kids to college? Even final expenses. Today the average cost of a funeral is almost 10 thousand dollars. So, for just a few extra dollars a month you can make sure you have that piece of mind knowing that your family’s protected. Give us a call here at Jeff Kincaid, and we’ll make sure that you have that peace of mind.

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