Auto Insurance

According to law, the operation of a motor vehicle is not a right, but a privilege. Authorities assume and expect that you will drive responsibly and defensively in order to avoid accidents. As accidents may result in both property damage and personal injury to other motorists or pedestrians, AUTO INSURANCE is mandated by law.
Having your motor vehicle insured is essential as it guarantees that costs incurred from repair and medical bills due to any injuries are all covered (within indicated coverage). Keeping proper coverage ensures that these sometimes prohibitively expensive costs, often upwards of $25,000, are handled. As an added benefit, having appropriate insurance coverage allows one great peace of mind.
Liability Coverage for Your Vehicle
All fifty states require various levels of liability insurance coverage on motor vehicles. Any costs incurred from an accident in which you were the cause are your responsibility. If you impact a vehicle and it results in property damage and/or personal injury, you are responsible for any repairs and medical services for the innocent party or parties involved.
Liability insurance is intended for covering costs to a predetermined maximum for injury to one or more persons and for any property damage in which you are at fault. This coverage may extend to any costs for replacement of personal effects or other property that was directly affected by the collision.