Boat Insurance

Loss Insurance

Like your automobile, your boat can also be classified as a total loss. If it sinks or is damaged and cannot be feasibly repaired, your insurance policy places a value on the boat’s replacement. Note that the value of a new boat is not what you can claim but rather you receive compensation for an assigned market value that the insurance adjuster determines as per certain accepted industry standards.

Medical Claims and Personal Property

Many insurance policies’ provisions allow for payment of medical bills and for personal property loss. Should your boat contain personal property that is valuable to you, the policy will pay for the replacement value of covered items that are lost due to damage. Policies generally have a set monetary limit for the compensation of items that are lost or damaged on your boat.
Should you require medical care as a result of boat sinking or crashing, your policy may cover some or all of your medical bills. It is important that you familiarize yourself with your policy to determine what and how much of your medical expenses are covered.
When you purchase a good, quality policy, your boat and its occupants will be well-protected and your peace of mind will remain intact.